Staff applications for February 2019 are now Open



FOR Staff

Staff members work closely with the organising team to ensure the success of the summit. After writing a lesson plan on a topic of your choosing, you'll travel to Portugal to guide the students in your cohort through tutorial-style discussions. These can be based on tutorial experiences you’ve had yourself that you found particularly enlightening, or simply based on a topic that you find interesting. In addition, you may attend evening gatherings with your fellow staff members as well as interacting closely with the other seminar leaders (professors and post-docs). You will also be responsible for organising a number of social activities for the students. All undergraduate or graduate students at the University of Oxford are eligible to apply for staff positions, unless you are in your final year of study.

FOR Your students

Student participants will work in groups to identify solutions to a major global challenge that society faces today. To supplement project work, they will participate in interactive classes and seminars that will enable them to tackle these challenges. Guest lectures will be given by university professors and business leaders on relevant topics such as AI, big data, social enterprise, and innovation. Students will also interact with you, as current university undergraduates and graduates, and will participate in casual discussions on a topic of your choosing.


  • Round-trip flights of up to £200 and accommodation during the trip are included.

  • Network with professors, business leaders and leaders in their fields by working closely with our faculty staff.

  • Flight booking flexibility allows you to travel around Portugal before or after the programme; you are free to book your flights as convenient.

  • Relaxing resort stay means you can wind down on the beach after summit responsibilities are complete.


summit dates:

  • The summit will take place 17–24 February. However, you will only be asked to commit to 3 days out of the week. You are of course welcome to stay the whole time, but the schedule is flexible to accommodate those wishing to attend only as a weekend trip.



Oxford Global is a start-up that was founded in Oxford by current students and alumni. We charge a £95 fee for all of our international programmes in order to cover some of our annual costs. You are expected to make this payment within one week of your acceptance to confirm your place. In exchange, we will provide up to £200 for flights, cover your accommodation costs, and pay for two of your meals at the resort hotel every day during the trip. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any refunds on this fee after you have confirmed your position on the team. Oxford Global grants financial aid to cover the entire fee in all cases of demonstrated need. You can register your interest in financial aid directly on the apply page and doing so will not affect the outcome of your application.


Staff Responsibilities

  • Write a lesson plan on a topic of your choosing, to be given as either three 1h classes or two 1.5h classes.

  • Be available for around 4–6 hours of training/team building at the start of Hilary term.

  • Submit a short bio and a photo for the website and conference handbook.

  • Be present and free of other obligations and commitments during 3 summit days.

  • Respond promptly to emails and other communication from the conference management team.

  • Collect and review all work submitted by your cohort of students during the summit.

  • Attend all summit events.

  • Adhere to all summit rules and policies.





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