welcome letter

Dear Directors, Delegates, Faculty Advisors, and colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to our upcoming conferences: the Oxford Global Sub-Conference at WEMUN Expo in Beijing in August, the Oxford Global Home Conference in Oxford in November, and the joint Oxford Global-SFLS Model United Nations conference in Shanghai in December.

After five years of organising workshops in Oxford and other events in China and India, Oxford
GlobalMUN now co-hosts two international conferences, as we hope to provide an ever-growing platform for the exchange of geopolitical, socioeconomic, and cultural ideas. Our conferences aim to foster intellectual development and collaboration, while we learn from each other and benefit from the presence of diverse backgrounds and paradigms. Shanghai's historical significance as a cultural crossroads, as well as its modern role as a commercial and cultural hub, make it an ideal city in which to fulfil this mission. Shanghai was one of the first cities in China to host a permanent European population, and this tendency towards diversity continues to this day. As the capital of China, Beijing has thousands of years of history and an increasingly pivotal global role to inform debates there. The size and global reach of our conference there over the summer ensures that we have delegates from every perspective coming together to create policy.

Concurrently with these international projects, Oxford Global organises its own MUN conference for high schoolers in Oxford every November. This year’s conference will take place from 16th–18th of November. We have over 750 attendees coming from across the globe for three days of rigorous debate and discussion. There are few better places than Oxford, whence numerous generations have gone forth and shaped the world, to consider the most weighty issues of today. After all, these discussions are likely happening with tomorrow’s leaders.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at committee@oxfordglobal.org. We look forward to seeing you in Oxford, Shanghai or Beijing.

Oxford GlobalMUN





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